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Side Feeder

JOINER employs segmented screws with a selfwiping profile to provide optimum feeding properties for a wide range of raw materials such as fillers,fiberglass, talcum powder,calcium carbonate and most inorganic materials.
Side feeders are used for the following reasons:
· Reduction of wear costs in the melting section of the main screw and barrels
· More gentle processing of fillers
· Increase in throughput
· Increase in quality through the enough fixing
· Lower the cost
Our side feeders features :
· Very durable thanks to its durable integral liner inside barrels
· The tightly intermeshing co-rotating segments with various pitch have an improved conveying behaviour and ensure the precision (long GF±5%,short GF±2%) and output (caco3 550Kg/h,GF 500Kg/h)
· More human centered design,ease of operation.for example the glass window,on the splined sleeve, flat screw head ,the adjustable support and the drawer for clean up the leak .Can designed based on user requests.


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